Simply better than ever – mQuest® 18s

mQuest® 18s is coming! On 19th of March, 2018 the latest mQuest® version will be available. The highlight of mQuest® 18s is the new SurveyManager, the web based control center for surveys with mQuest® and thus the successor to QuestAdmin.

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Numerous new features and enhancements, a modernisation of security architecture and policies, and new programming interfaces (APIs) make mQuest® better than ever.

The new command center for mQuest®

Our brand new SurveyManager builds the new central portal for planning and controlling all mQuest® projects and replaces the QuestAdmin.

Faster, safer, more stable

By modernising its security architecture and policies, optimising its system architecture, and improving its integration capabilities, mQuest® is faster, more stable, and more secure than ever before.


mQuest® 18s offers a variety of new features, such as the “Smart Search”-function or the “OCR Business Card Scanner” lead module.

A detailed list of all new features can be found in our Release Notes.

Have fun with mQuest® 18s. We appreciate your feedback.

P.S. Incidentally, “18s” stands for spring 2018. Be curious about our autumn release “18a”.