mQuest® at “Management culture as success factor – digital leadership & practice”

Digitalization poses new challenges to medium-sized enterprises and offers enormous potential at the same time. Distributed teams across the entire globe, the borders between the inside and the outside get blurred and we focus increasingly on artificial intelligence. These topics were discussed in the scope of the event „Erfolgsfaktor Führungskultur – Digital Leadership & Practice“, which took place on 13 February 2019.

Digital leadership and practice event

By some practical examples it addressed the role of digitalization in the global competition. In this scope Peter Walz from cluetec GmbH presented a joint project with a famous Swedish furniture retailer.

The smart combination of mQuest® App and Intrexx enabled the entire communication in kitchen construction with subcontractors. From the first measurement including electrical, gas and water installations up to the final assembly, all data and tasks run through a central system and can be easily edited and controlled. This establishes clearness, transparency, satisfaction and ensures a leading position in the global competition.

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